Best Sleep Positions for a Restful Sleep

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Restful sleep is necessary for the body to remove accumulated toxins and repair new cells. One of the most crucial factors in achieving that is by sleeping in the correct position. Furthermore, sleeping in the wrong way can cause aches and pains instead of feeling renewed and energized.

What is Sleep Deprivation? 

Sleep deprivation is a condition that happens when you are unable to get enough sleep. It is sometimes interchanged with sleep deficiency, but the latter is a much broader term. ( Here are some of the telltale signs of sleep deprivation: 

  • You only sleep for a short period of time. 
  • Your natural body clock is out of sync.
  • The quality of your sleep is poor, and you do not experience the different stages of sleep.
  • You have an existing sleep disorder or chronic pain issues. 

The signs and symptoms of sleep deprivation are different between adults and children. Some children who are sleep deprived exhibit symptoms of short attention span and hyperactivity. They also tend to throw more tantrums than children who have proper sleeping patterns. 

What’s the Best Position to Sleep In? 

One of the major that affects your sleep quality is your sleeping position. One of the best-kept secrets on how to improve it is to train yourself to sleep in a specific position to help improve the issues that you are experiencing, whether these are back pains or simple feelings of discomfort.

Sleeping on Your Side

Sleeping on your side has a lot of benefits, especially when you are on your left side. This can help reduce snoring, improve digestion, and reduce heartburn. 

However, sleeping on your side for a long period of time can cause jaw tightness and shoulder discomfort. To avoid this, try to use a good quality pillow and shift from one side to another. 

Lying On Your Stomach

The only significant benefit of sleeping on your stomach is preventing sleep apnea and reducing snores. In some cases, this sleeping position can do more harm than good because it can cause back and neck pain and strain to your joints and muscles, especially in the lower back area. 

Sleeping on the Back with Knee Support

Sleeping on your back with a small pillow under your knee will help reduce your spine’s stress and provide support to the natural curve of your lower back. 

Lying Flat on Your Back

Just like sleeping on your side, there are also plenty of health benefits when you sleep lying flat on your back. It helps maintain your spine’s alignment by using gravity and reduce pressure on your back and joints. It also prevents acne caused by gravity. 

Facts About Sleeping

Here are some important facts about sleeping positions that you should know about: 

Fact #1: 

Sleeping on your stomach is also known as the “prone position.” Only 7 out of a hundred people prefer sleeping on their stomachs. Although this position reduces snoring by shifting obstructions from your airway, it can aggravate other medical problems.

Fact #2: 

7% of the world’s population sleep on their stomachs while their heads are turned to the side. Those who sleep in this position typically have a pillow tucked or wrapped in their arms.

Fact #3: 

Sleeping on your back with your arms up your head is called the starfish position. 5% of the world’s population sleeps this way.  

Fact #4: 

Around 41% of humans sleep in a particular side position where they are curled to their side with their knees bent. This particular sleeping position is also known as the fetal position.

Fact #5: 

The log position is described as sleeping on your side with arms down to the body. Around 15% of people sleep this way, and it is a good position if you have a snoring problem. However, you have arthritis; you may feel pain when you wake up.


What sleeping position helps mitigate indigestion?

Sleeping on your side with your body slightly elevated by 4 to 6 inches can reduce discomfort due to indigestion caused by acid reflux or GERD.

How to make the best out of sleeping on your stomach?

Sleeping on your stomach is not an ideal sleeping position for restful sleep. However, if this is what you are comfortable with, its benefit is that it reduces the chance of sleep apnea and snoring.

Left or Right: which side should you sleep on?

There are more benefits in sleeping on your left side because it allows your organs more space to remove toxins while sleeping.

What is the best sleeping position for men? 

Sleeping on your left side is the best position for men. It will help maximize blood circulation for your organs.

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