Best Coir Mattress in India: Reviews & Buying Guide

best coir mattress

Are you looking for a mattress that can provide a comfortable sleeping experience? The coir mattress is exactly what you need. Coir mattresses are made from natural fiber and are very good for health. These mattresses do not retain dust which makes them a great pick for those allergic to dust. This mattress is made with high-density coir, offering firm support to your back, making it an ideal choice for people with back pain issues. But which coir mattress is best and why? How to select? Which features need to be considered? For all this information, we have put together a comprehensive guide that covers all your needs.

We have reviewed all the top coir mattresses available in India based on their specification, advantages, and disadvantages.

This article covers everything from the types of coir mattresses available in the market to the advantages and disadvantages of buying one. We also have a section on choosing a coir mattress that is right for you.

What is a COIR Mattress?

Coir mattress is created from a natural product that is coconut husk. It is also known as a rubberized coir mattress.  The exterior of the coir is covered with an appealing layer of high-quality cloth.

The coir mattress is excellent for both moisture absorption and ventilation due to the natural hygroscopic materials it is made of. Additionally, this mattress will support your body firmer than other types.

So let’s get started!

Best Coir Mattress in India : Reviews

The duroflex back magic mattress is designed to provide superior comfort and support for years. Trusted by National Health Academy, this product is effective and trustworthy because it has advanced orthopaedic support. Available in blue colour it has various sizes, including single, double, king, and queen sizes.

Duroflex Back Magic Mattress0A

With its unique 5 Zone Orthopedic Technology, the mattress ensures you get personalized support for different body zones, helping reduce pressure points and improve spinal alignment. The high-density coir layer provides optimum ventilation and natural coolness, while foam quilting in the knitted fabric offers exceptional comfort and adds durability.

To give you complete peace of mind, the mattress comes with a 7-year brand warranty against manufacturing defects.


  • Tested by Expert
  • 5 Zone Orthopedic Support Layer
  • Adaptive Memory Foam
  • Natural Cooling Coir
  • Signature Quilted Fabric


  1. Knitted Fabric with Memory Foam Quilting
  2. 5-Zone Orthopedic Support Layer
  3. High-Density Bonded Foam
  4. High-Density Coir
  5. High-Density Pu Foam
  6. High-Density Coir
  7. Jacquard Woven Fabric

Pros & Cons

8.5Expert Score

  • Comfortable
  • Good Quality
  • Good Body Support
  • Good for Back Pain
  • Prevent the Body from Sinking
  • Does not Disturbance the Other Person Sleeping Next to You
  • Could Have Been More Firm
  • Bit Expensive

The cozy coir mattress is ideal for all age groups. It is the perfect option, especially if you are a back-and-side sleeper. Its firmness is rated medium-firm, which makes it suitable for people with different body weights. It is available in many sizes like king, queen, double and single sizes.

The mattress has two layers of high-density natural coir with a transitional layer that provides support and pressure relief. It also features advanced quilting technology to ensure a comfortable night’s rest.

The mattress is made without using any chemicals, making it Eco-friendly. With one year of warranty, this mattress will last a long time and provide excellent comfort throughout its use.


  • Medium Firmness
  • Eco Friendly Product
  • Perfect Ventilation
  • Anti Allergic and Non Toxic
  •  Suitable for All Age Group
  • Zero Chemical Usage
  • Orthopedic


  1. Breathable Premium Quilted Fabric
  2. Transition Layer
  3. Heavy Density Coir
  4. Breathable Premium Fabric

Pros & Cons

7Expert Score

  • Good Support
  • Comfortable Soft
  • Super Quality
  • Good Spinal Support
  • Affordable
  • Good Customer Support
  • May not be suitable if you are looking for a soft mattress however if you want to opt for a firmer side this is a perfect option to look for!

It is designed with optimum comfort and support in mind. Its ergonomic construction ensures a healthy sleep posture, reducing tossing and turning at night to provide quality sleep.

The mattress is designed for optimal airflow to ensure breathability and hygiene, increasing the mattress’s durability. By using certified materials and processes, you can be sure that your chemicals will meet compliance standards and that there will be no fumes or odours.

Its breathable top layer also regulates temperature for a more comfortable sleep climate throughout the night. The mattress is topped off with a comfortable knit fabric cover that’s removable and washable for easy maintenance. The Quilting foam layer in this mattress is enhanced with an antimicrobial shield that protects against bacteria and fungi. Use of superior materials and construction that adheres to international standards, produced in state-of-the-art manufacturing plants across India.

This mattress combines comfort, support, and durability to provide you with the best sleep experience possible.

It is backed by a two year warranty, so you can rest assured that your mattress will remain as good as new for a long time.


  • Hygienic and Breathable
  • Natural Product
  • Made in India
  • Antifungal and Antibacterial


  1. Jacquard Fabric Cover
  2. Pu Foam Quit
  3. Profiled Pu Foam
  4. Rubberized Coir

Pros & Cons

9Expert Score

  • Good Quality
  • Comfortable
  • Reversible
  • A bit expensive

The Kurl-on Rutile is the perfect option if you are looking for an eco-friendly and comfortable mattress. It has been designed using high-quality coir and PUF (Polyurethane Foam) materials to give your body the comfort it deserves while you sleep.

This mattress is built with a rubberized coir center layer and a quilt layer on the top for extra comfort and softness. It is also lightweight and easy to handle. The Mattress offers you optimal spine support and offers enough bounce and support.

With this product, you can use both sides without worrying. It is also designed to last for a long time. With a single-side sleeping surface, this mattress also has a 3-year warranty to give you peace of mind.


  • Quilt layer makes this mattress comfortable
  • Rich coir density for maximum spinal support
  • Advanced coir orientation for additional support and bounce
  • Rubberized Coir mattress


  1. PU Foam Quilting
  2. Rubberized Coir
  3. Str8Pad

Pros & Cons

9Expert Score

  • Soft
  • Eco-friendly
  • Good Quality
  • Comfortable
  • Does Not Sink
  • Not Any!

Springtek Coir Bond Mattress is perfect for anyone looking for a comfortable and supportive mattress that can give them a good night’s sleep without breaking their budget.

It provides superior comfort and support, making it an ideal choice for people suffering from backache. The mattress is made using premium quality materials that not only offer great comfort but also provide durability.

The bonded foam support layer provides excellent comfort and further enhances the bottom support of the mattress, thus making it durable. It has a quilted premium Jacquard fabric that gives a luxurious feel and helps provide breathability. This mattress is reversible, making it convenient to use and maintain. The natural rubberized coir adds an extra layer of comfort and helps maintain your body’s correct posture.

This mattress comes with a 4-year warranty makes it a reliable product. Overall, the Springtek Coir Bond Mattress provides great value for money and is the perfect mattress.


  • The Quilted premium Jacquard fabric
  • Natural Rubberised Coir
  • 4-year warranty
  • Breathable


  1. Quilted Anti Microbial Fabric
  2. Premium Coir Support Layer
  3. Orthopaedic Thermal Bonded Foam Support Layer

Pros & Cons

7.5Expert Score

  • Premium Feel
  • Provides support and maintains a correct posture of the body
  • Durable
  • Comfortable
  • Can sag over a few months of usage as it has the single layered Coir.

One of the most comfortable mattresses specifically designed for those who want a combination of firmness and softness. Constructed with natural rubberized coir, this mattress provides unmatched support to your back and neck.

The top layer comprises Ultra-Soft Rebound foam coupled with High-Density PU Foam that contours to the body shape, providing enhanced comfort. It has the advantage of being both sides usable, one side firm and another soft. 

The mattress is also ISI-marked, ensuring high-quality standards have been implemented in its manufacturing process. Plus, as a special feature, we offer customization of this mattress as per your requirement.

This mattress comes with a 3-year warranty and is covered with premium Poly-Cotton quilted fabric, giving an elegant touch to your bedroom décor. So, if you’re looking for the perfect combination of firmness and softness, then Coirfit Magic Coir Mattress is an ideal choice.


  • ISI Marked Rubberized Coir
  • Reversible
  • Multilayered
  • Rebonded Foam and HD Pu Foam
  • 3 Years of Warranty


  1. Premium cotton fabric
  2. PU foam quilt
  3. Rubberised coir
  4. EPE Foam
  5. Recharged rebonded foam

Pros & Cons

8.5Expert Score

  • Durable
  • Comfortable
  • Breathability
  • Good Quality
  • Unique design
  • Not generate heat
  • Made of high-quality foam
  • A bit expensive

This modern-style mattress provides a revitalizing rest with responsive and advanced technologies. It is the perfect blend of comfort and supports all types of sleepers. It is crafted from high-performance smart materials designed to enhance your sleep.

This innovative ergonomic alignment is designed to help align your spine for deep and restorative sleep.

This mattress is practical for any individual and provides more comfort as it can be used on both sides. Depending on your needs, you can easily choose which side of the mattress you want to sleep on. The coir side can be used during summer as it is cooler, and the PU foam side can be utilized during winter for a warmer feeling.

This mattress helps prevent asthma, sinus infections, and other illnesses while keeping your bedroom environment clean and healthy. By dispersing pressure throughout the body, this product helps reduce stress and fatigue from a long day’s work.

Comfort is not limited to mattress layers because it is a quilted mattress. Its airy layers keep you cool and nice.

It comes with five years of warranty.


  • Dual Comfort 
  • Temperature Regulated 
  • Dust Mite Free 
  • Spinal Relaxation Technology


  1. Premium Cotton Fabric Cover 
  2. Pu Foam Quit
  3. Pu Foam
  4. Rubberised Coir Core

Pros & Cons

9Expert Score

  • Good quality and comfort
  • Soft
  • Not Any

Best Coir Mattress in India : Buying Guide

Coir Mattresses Types


The coir mattresses are filled with a blend of foams and covered with several layers of foam to make them comfortable known as hybrid.


A coir mattress is filled with latex fibres and coconut coir, resulting in a softer sleep surface known as rubberized coir mattress. 

Advantages Of Buying A Coconut Coir Mattress

Completely Organic

A coir mattress is made of natural coconut fibres or husk, referred to as coir. Because coir is so easy to find in nature, buying a coconut coir mattress is eco-friendly. Opt for a coir mattress if you want to be more environmentally friendly with your mattress choice. These mattresses are made of recyclable and renewable materials, so they won’t negatively impact your carbon footprint like other types of mattresses would. Plus, you can have them refilled, so they last even longer!


You don’t have to worry about pests with a coconut coir mattress because they’re naturally resistant to them. Also, health problems caused by other mattresses, such as allergies and asthma, are much less common with coir mattresses.

Firm Mattress

If you need a mattress that won’t let you sink in too much, then a coconut coir mattress is perfect for you. They are quite springy and provide good resistance when lying down on it.

Good For Your Back

For optimal spine health, purchase a coconut coir mattress that is medium to the firm with mid-level resistance. This product is designed to help those who often experience aches and pains and stress from their lifestyles. It will strengthen your spine over time.


Coconut coir mattresses are excellent at managing moisture levels. The vents throughout the mattress allow constant airflow, keeping it well-ventilated for as long as you own it.


Coir mattresses are ideal for those who prefer to sleep in cool bedrooms, as they stay relatively cooler than other mattresses – even in hot weather. That’s Why coir mattresses are popular in India and other countries with tropical climates.

Coir mattresses are a great option if you often sweat during the night. Because coir fibers allow natural air circulation, these mattresses are typically well-ventilated.

Consequently, you won’t have to worry about an embarrassing odor.

Affordable Prices

On average, coir mattresses are much more affordable than foam or memory foam ones. They also last significantly longer, making them a wise investment in the long run.

Things to Keep In Mind While Buying Coir Mattresses in India


The size of the mattress is essential to consider when making a purchase. The coir mattresses are available in various sizes, such as twin, full, queen, king, and California king. Make sure you choose the right size for your bed frame to ensure optimum comfort and support.

Firmness Level

Another factor to consider when buying a coir mattress is the level of firmness that it offers. Coir mattresses are usually quite firm, making them ideal for back sleepers and those with back pain. However, if you prefer a softer mattress, you can opt for a layered or hybrid model with layers of foam or latex to provide extra comfort and cushioning.


The next thing to consider is the material used to make the mattress. Coir mattresses are typically made of rubberized coconut fibre, which is highly durable and offers superior breathability. It makes them an excellent choice for those who sleep hot, as they keep you cool throughout the night. In addition, you should inspect the mattress’s other types of material layers. Some mattresses, for example, will have latex and coir, while others might have memory or HR foam combined with coir.

Sleeping Positions

It is essential to consider your preferred sleeping positions when selecting a coir mattress. For example, back sleepers should opt for a firmer mattress, while side sleepers may require more cushion and support than the addition of softer layers can provide.

Delivery Time

Ensure you take note of the delivery time when buying a coir mattress. Many retailers offer same-day or next-day delivery, saving you time and money in the long run.


When purchasing a coir mattress, check what kind of warranty is included. Most manufacturers provide warranties that cover up to 10 years. It ensures you have peace of mind should any problems arise with your mattress.

Overall, coir mattresses are an excellent choice if you’re looking for a durable and affordable option. They provide good support, cooling properties, and hygroscopic qualities, making them an excellent investment for your bedroom. Coconut coir mattresses provide good support and are fire-resistant while offering cooling properties due to their hygroscopic qualities. They are also affordable, lasting much longer than other mattresses on the market.

When making a purchase, consider your needs and preferences to ensure that you buy a mattress that provides the best support and comfort for your body type.

Best Coir Mattress in India : Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is a coir mattress good for health?

A coir mattress is resistant to dust and will prevent you from infections. If dirt appears on its surface or between the layers, carefully sweep it away by drubbing the mattress lightly. The dense coir used in the mattress supports your back while you sleep.

2. What are the disadvantages of coir?

The most common issue with coir is that it often contains large amounts of salt, especially in lower grades. To use coir, you should first leach it to get rid of the salt. Additionally, coir has a lower cation-exchange capacity and higher phosphorus and potassium levels.

3. What is the life of a coir mattress?

Coir mattresses, made of natural coconut fibre, often last 3 to 5 years. However, they may sag and lose their shape if exposed to water.

4. Which is better, foam or coir foam?

People often choose foam mattresses because they mistakenly believe that firmer is always better. The reality is that Foam mattresses offer medium support and can be quite hot during summer, while coir mater offers a softer texture and stays more relaxed – even in the heat.

5. Are coir mattresses hot?

There are many benefits to sleeping on a coir mattress, one of which is perfect ventilation. This helps keep the mattress cool and offers excellent comfort to the sleeper. Besides maintaining that cool temperature for one to sleep in, coir mattresses also naturally provide a sense of calmness and comfort essential for quality sleep.

6. Is a coir mattress good for summer?

The medium-firm mattress made of coconut husk is excellent mattress for summer use since the mesh of layers allows for airflow and circulation, making it a breathable option that helps keep sweaty sleepers cool and dry.

7. Is coir fibre waterproof?

The coir fibre is water-resistant to an extent and is the only natural fibre that can withstand damage by saltwater. Green coconuts, harvested after they’ve been on the plant for 6-12 months, have pliable white fibres inside them.


With all of this taken into consideration, a coconut coir mattress can make for an excellent investment in your bedroom and provide the perfect night’s sleep. With the right mattress, you can rest assured that your investment will pay off for years to come.

 So go ahead and take the plunge – you won’t regret it! Invest in a coconut coir mattress today and get ready for a peaceful night’s sleep. Good night and sweet dreams! 

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