Best 10 Inch Mattress To Consider in 2023 (With Reviews)

Best 10 inch mattresses

10-inch mattresses are usually thicker than the usual ones. It is probably the thickest mattress most brands make, only to be topped with custom sizes. These mattresses are ideal for low-profile beds and great for people who want a more plush and elevated mattress feel.

Generally, 8-inch mattresses are more popular, but 10-inch ones have their benefits. They provide good support and pleasing comfort while providing extra cushioning and contouring, most needed for restful sleep.

Many good brands in India, like Kurl-On or Sleepwell, have quality 10-inch mattresses. But to make your search easier, we have studied each of them in detail and bring you the best 10-inch mattresses worth investing in.

Who Should Buy a 10-inch Thick Mattress?

10-inch mattresses are ideal for people looking for a plush sleeping surface and an extra layer of support. They also provide adjustable comfort and excellent motion isolation, so if you sleep with a partner or have any body aches, this would be perfect for you.

If your bed frame is low to the ground or you’re looking for a mattress that gives you an elevated feel, 10-inch mattresses are the best choice. They also provide good temperature regulation and great edge support due to their thickness.

Top 10-inch Mattresses to Consider in 2023

If you are looking for a high-quality mattress that can give you the luxurious feel of a 5-star hotel that is also cost-effective and durable, then the Wakeup Mattress is an ideal choice. It is a type of spring mattress with medium firmness available in grey and black. It is available in queen size (customized).

Wake Up 10 inch Pocket Spring Mattress

This mattress is made with premium materials like pocket springs and high-resilience foam, providing superior edge support, breathability, and responsiveness while allowing for full oxygen circulation to your body.

The individual pocket springs are made of tempered steel coils, and this ensures that there will be no sagging as the product passes multiple quality checks. It also guarantees zero-disturbance sleep.

This mattress has multiple layers of different densities of foam to cradle your body and relieve pressure points for a high level of comfort. The high-quality foam encasement ensures support along the edges of the mattress. This mattress adapts quickly to your body shape compared to others on the market.

It also offers a 10-year warranty which gives you complete peace of mind.


  • Tungsten carbide spring
  • Pocket Spring and High Resilience (HR) Foam
  • Ten years of warranty
  • Breathable Airflow


  1. Cotton knitted fabric with quilted foam
  2. High-resilience soft foam
  3. Felt
  4. Pocket spring

What We liked & What we did not Like

8.5Expert Score

What We liked
  • Durable
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Edge supportive
  • Responsive
  • Couple-friendly
  • Responsive
  • Comfortable
What we did not Like
  • Not any

If you are looking for a mattress with the perfect balance of comfort and support, this mattress from sleepycat is an ideal choice. This 3-layered memory foam is available in four sizes single, king, queen, and double.

Its premium open-cell memory foam, airflow transition layer, and high-density foam combine to provide superior comfort. This medium-firm mattress helps alleviate back pain while providing superior breathability and a luxury feel.

Plus, this mattress has a bamboo fiber fabric that provides anti-bacterial and moisture-wicking properties for extra hygiene. Open-celled memory and high-density foam also provide excellent temperature control for a cool night’s sleep by relieving pressure. The high-density foam makes it durable, and linen side walls help in protecting this. The smart zipper cover makes it easy to maintain, and the mattress is machine washable.

Additionally, this mattress arrives in a box, so there is no bulky delivery. It ships directly from the factory and comes with a 10-year warranty for added peace of mind. Plus, you can try this mattress worry-free because it offers a 100-night free trial. Plus, thanks to its vacuum-sealed packaging, delivery of the mattress is much easier and hassle-free.


  • Open-cell Memory Foam
  • Aeroflow Transition Layer
  • High-Density Support Foam
  • Bamboo Fiber Fabric Smart Zipper Cover
  • Medium-firmness
  • Anti-skid Base
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Moisture wicking
  1. Bamboo Fabric Cover
  2. Open Celled Memory Foam Layer
  3. Super High-Density Foam
  4. Aeroflow Transition Layer
  5. Super High-Density Foam
  6. Linen Side Walls
  7. Anti Skid Base

What We liked & What we did not Like

7Expert Score

What We liked
  • Comfortable
  • Supportive
  • Well packaged
  • Breathable
What we did not Like
  • The lower rubber grip should be improved.

If you are looking for a comfortable and supportive 10-inch mattress, then the Springtek Ortho Pocket Mattress is the ideal choice. With medium firmness, this mattress provides an adequate level of comfort. It is available in multiple colours in 40 different sizes.

With multiple layers of different densities of foam to cradle your body, it provides relief from pressure points and creates a calming sleep environment for ultimate freshness each morning. The pocket springs provide evenly distributed firm support that minimizes motion transfer and ensures spinal alignment for a restful night’s sleep.

The foam encasement provides edge-to-edge support, while the quilted fabric cover and foam layer provide additional cushioning for a luxurious finish. With no hefty retail markups, this mattress offers premium quality and components at an unbeatable price. Perfect for the whole family, it will surely provide you with many years of sound sleep.

A 10 years warranty is provided with this mattress. It means you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your investment is secure.


  • Medium Firmness
  • Zero Partner Disturbance
  • Premium Foam Encasement
  • Pocket Spring
  • High-Density Foam


  1. Knitted Quilted Foam
  2. Cool Supportive Transition Foam
  3. Firm Felt Support
  4. Nonwoven Support
  5. Zoned Zero Partner Disturbance Pocket Springs
  6. Firm Foam Support
  7. Quilted Fabric Support

What We liked & What we did not Like

8.5Expert Score

What We liked
  • Durable
  • Comfortable
  • Good Quality
  • Affordable
What we did not Like
  • There is nothing to dislike about this product.

If you are looking for a 10-inch mattress that provides you with the right amount of comfort and support, this mattress is a perfect option. This mattress is available in white in 4 sizes: single, double, king and queen.

This ergonomically designed mattress is recommended by doctors. Its versatile style and advanced sleep technology provide the perfect combination of firmness and comfort.

Its unique design improves your sleep quality by providing the right amount of air circulation and pressure-relieving support. It comprises a two-layer foam with a high-density top layer and a softer layer beneath it.

The mattress is covered with a soft, breathable fabric that helps you remain cool throughout the night. This mattress also comes with a 10-year warranty.


  • Firm and Bouncy Feel
  • Herb Fresh Technology
  • Top Quality Hotel Mattress
  • Comfortable
  • Affordable
  • Lightweight


  1. Premium Quilted Fabric
  2. Foam Quilt
  3. HR Foam
  4. Thermo Insulation Felt
  5. Bonnel Spring System
  6. Breathable Durable Fabric

What We liked & What we did not Like

7.5Expert Score

What We liked
  • Premium quit feeling
  • Optimum comfort to the body and feels sturdy.
  • Exact fit
  • High-density foam
  • Bonnell Spring Base
  • Quilted Knitted Premium Fabric Upholstery
  • Good Packaging
What we did not Like
  • Quality is not up to the mark.

If you are looking for a 10-inch mattress for orthopedic support, look no further. This mattress is designed to give maximum comfort and support for sore joints and muscles, so you can wake up feeling refreshed. This mattress is a perfect option for heavy people. This product is available in grey and white in 10 styles and 26 different sizes and thicknesses of 4,5,6,8, and 10 inches.

Its comfortable design and NASA-approved memory foam material make it a durable and long-lasting mattress. The mattress is constructed from high-density foam that forms your body shape, giving you the ultimate comfort and support. The surface of the mattress is made from breathable fabric that helps to keep your body cool during hot summer nights.

This mattress is also designed to reduce motion transfer, so you and your partner can get the restful sleep you deserve. It is encased in a soft, breathable cover that is hypoallergenic and dust-mite resistant. This product provides excellent orthopedic support to key body areas, helping relieve back and joint pain.

Handicrafted in India, this mattress has an adjustable bed base that can be used to make the mattress firmer or softer as you like. With dual comfort and ventilated fabric, this mattress is an excellent investment that will keep you and your partner comfortable for years to come. The GSM knitted fabric allows for a sweat-free sleep by ventilating air throughout the mattress and maintaining a balanced body temperature during all seasons.

Ten years of warranty make this product an excellent choice for those looking for an orthopedic mattress that offers the ultimate comfort and support.


  • Zero partner disturbance
  • High GSM knitted fabric
  • Memory foam
  • All season comfort
  • Orthopedic dual comfort
  • Less carbon footprint
  • Adjustable bed base
  • Honeycomb design


  1. Anti-bacterial Knitted Fabric
  2. Open Cell Memory Foam
  3. 100% High Resilient Support Foam
  4. Anti-bacterial Knitted Fabric

What We liked & What we did not Like

8Expert Score

What We liked
  • Soft
  • Comfortable
  • Durable
What we did not Like
  • Too soft

If you are looking for a premium mattress that can meet the highest standard, this ISO certification is the perfect model.

This mattress is designed with NASA-approved memory foam and high GSM knitted fabric to give you the best possible sleep experience. This patented memory foam is better than traditional memory foam. The comfort layer is resilient and provides optimum comfort. With advanced airflow technology, air circulation inside the mattress maintains a balanced body temperature.

The mattress offers support that conforms to your body shape and differentiates between pressure areas, like shoulders or hips. It helps reduce tossing and turning so you can sleep more deeply. The CertiPUR-US & Certiguard Technology in this mattress guarantees a luxury experience with its memory foam composition and cushioned surface. With this King Size bed, you won’t even feel the weight of your body.

Designed to keep you warm in winter and cool in summer, Aero Sleep Memory Foam is made from orthopedic foam to support your sleep posture and relieve stress on your spine, hips, neck, and shoulders. It also has a luxurious feel.

The five years of warranty covers any damage you might experience with this mattress, including physical defects and issues.


  • Orthopedic Spine Care
  • Anti-Sag Technology
  • Carbon Manganese Pocket Springs
  • Fire Retardant Verti Cool Fabric
  • 5 Years of warranty
  • High GSM knitted fabric


  1. Very cool FR Fabric
  2. Aero Sleep Memory Foam
  3. HR Comfort Foam
  4. Dura Dense Foam
  5. Turkish Thermobond Felt
  6. Pocket Springs
  7. HR Support Foam
  8. Organic Anti-Skid Fabric

What We liked & What we did not Like

7.5Expert Score

What We liked
  • Meet the highest standard of ISO
  • Optimum comfort
  • Airflow technology
  • 9 Mattress Layers
  • Good quality
  • Comfortable
  • Great fit
  • Classic Look
  • Relieve the pain
  • Nicely packed
  • The best part is that you receive a message on WhatsApp asking for your mattress size preferences. You can measure the inner width and length, reply with those measurements, and they will construct the mattress to fit those dimensions--Isn't it great?
What we did not Like
  • This mattress is not waterproof, so if you're looking for a mattress that can withstand some water damage, this isn't the one for you. However, it could be great if they provided a waterproof cover to avoid any damage to the mattress.
  • Generate heat

With medium firmness, this duroflex mattress is available in 43 different options. The 3-zoned Copper Infused NRG Layer provides support with extra air circulation and coolness for a more comfortable night’s sleep.

Negative ions are known to cause stress and fatigue, but this unique anti-stress fabric is designed to repel them, leaving you feeling energized and positive.

Qube Cell Technology layer provides you with the luxurious feel of a down mattress and the excellent body support of an innerspring. It has wonderful air circulation, so you’ll stay cool all night.

This mattress was created to minimize motion across the bed, so you and your partner can sleep without interruption.

Ten years of warranty is provided to give you peace of mind. You can rest assured that your mattress will last for years to come.


  • Anti Stress Fabric
  • Zero Motion Transfer
  • 3 Zoned Copper Infused NRG Layer
  • Qube Cell Technology


  1. Knitted recycled fabric with anti-stress technology
  2. pressure relieving cool gel memory foam
  3. 3 zone copper infused NRG Layer
  4. PU Foam layer
  5. Qube cell technology
  6. Jacquard woven fabric

What We liked & What we did not Like

8Expert Score

What We liked
  • Comfortable
  • Soft
  • Best air circulation
  • 10 Years Warranty
What we did not Like
  • Nothing to dislike

Key Features to Select a 10 inches Thick Mattress

While the look and feel of a mattress can give you a basic idea about its performance, the features and construction make all the difference. Here are some factors to consider when selecting your 10-inch mattress:

Support and Comfort

Look for a mattress that provides support and comfort. A mattress of this thickness is generally supposed to provide enough support and give proper cushioning so that your spine stays aligned as you sleep, ultimately giving you a more comfortable night’s rest. The top-quality brands use high-quality materials such as foam, latex, or innerspring to provide a good balance of firmness and softness.

Motion Isolation

If you share the bed with someone else, motion isolation is key to a good night’s sleep. A 10-inch mattress is thick and usually designed to minimize motion transfer and prevent sleep disruptions. However, the actual motion isolation depends on the type of material used in the mattress, so check that before buying.

Temperature Regulation

A 10-inch mattress is usually thicker than other mattresses, so it holds more heat, which might be uncomfortable for some sleepers. Look for a mattress with memory foam, latex, or hybrid layers that provide better temperature regulation and breathability.


Durability is an essential factor to consider. A 10-inch mattress must withstand regular use without sagging or developing indentations too quickly. Most of these mattresses are expensive so ensure to pick a mattress made with high-quality materials like memory foam, latex, and pocket coils known for durability.

Edge Support

Edge support is often overlooked, but it is essential in a high mattress such as a 10-inch one. Look for a mattress that offers good edge support so you get proper support when sitting or sleeping on the edge of your bed.

Warranty & Trial

For mattresses that cost less than ₹15,000, you can usually expect a warranty of around 5-10 years, but for higher-priced models, you can get even longer warranties. Most brands also offer a home trial period of 90 days, like the Wakefit, so that you can test the mattress and return it if you don’t like it. When investing in such an expensive item, check if the warranty and the home trial period are included.

In Conclusion

The mattress market in India has come a long way in recent years, with brands offering top-notch 10-inch mattresses that provide excellent support, comfort, motion isolation, and temperature regulation. Investing in a good 10-inch mattress will provide you with a more comfortable night’s sleep and last longer, so make sure to pick the perfect one for your needs.

We hope this guide has helped you understand 10-inch mattresses better and find the right one for your bedroom. Good luck with your purchase!

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